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We Manage The Infrastructure So You Can Focus On The Call Center

Business VoIP Call Center Success

Every company that sells its products over the telephone must have a phone system that can efficiently process inbound sales calls. If your process is not efficient and effective, you could be loosing business.

A Hosted Call Center is the ideal solution for small businesses because you get a phone system that gives you the ability to precisely customize your inbound calling experience. Another benefit of a Hosted Call Center is that it only requires a small initial capital investment.

The problem is, you have no idea that your company’s telephone experience is responsible for lowering your closing rates. How many callers to your sales line simply hang up or are sent directly to voice mail and never leave a message. You would be surprised and horrified.

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Why Does My Business Need a Hosted Call Center?

Hosted Call Center Decisions

The answer to this question is simple, “Virtual Call Center technology will help your company close more sales”.

In order to close more sales, you need a telephone system that allows you to precisely control the customer experience when the customer is ready to make the purchase or is in the pre-purchase information gathering process.

A properly structured Hosted VoIP Call Center can have a profound impact on your sales closing ratio. A Hosted VoIP Call Center will ensure that sales calls are always routed to available sales agents no matter where they are located and regardless of the time of day. If all of your agents are busy assisting other calls, the Call Center will give callers information about your products, as well as periodically letting the caller know how long they will have to wait to speak with an agent.

Don’t Kill The Deal At The Finish Line..

We Manage The Infrastructure – You Manage The Call Center

AVAD provides a complete Call Center solution. We provide 100% of the network equipment, hardware, VoIP software, local & long distance calling and toll-free numbers. We also help you customize a Call Center solution and we will help train your staff.

We understand it is complicated to implement and manage a Call Center. We help you every step of the way to insure that you are successful. With AVAD, no previous Telecommunications or Call Center experience is required. Tell us is what type of customer experience you want, in plain english, and we will design the solution for you.

Our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee Says It All.

Business VoIP Guarantee

“If for any reason during the first 60-days following installation of AVAD Technologies Business VoIP PBX phone service does not meet your expectations, we will uninstall and refund any monies incurred by your organization for Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) promptly.”

We stand behind our solution 100%. If we did not, we could not make this promise.

How Affordable Is AVAD’s Virtual Call Center

The upfront capital expense of a Hosted VoIP Call Center is limited to the cost of the IP phones plus the cost of a VoIP capable router. That is it, there is no other equipment to purchase. View Sample Call Center Quote (10-Agents)

Business VoIP Call Center Objectives

On-demand pricing is available from AVAD Technologies for companies that are looking to quickly and easily scale their call center operations with minimum up-front costs. Licenses are purchased per user, per month, plus calling fees. This option is ideal for small businesses, startups, seasonal capacity, departmental initiatives, and marketing campaigns.

Do What You Do Best & Outsource The Rest.

AVAD Becomes Your In-House Telecommunications Department

We just don’t sell you a product, we help you implement, train and customize your Hosted Call Center Solution. From the time your company first becomes a customer, a Business VoIP Specialists is assigned to work with your company to help you customize a Call Center solution that maximizes your business objectives.

You only pay your monthly premiums, the Dedicated Support and customization is included in the base price.

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A Complete Set Of Real Time On-Demand Reports

Standard Features Included In The AVAD Call Center

  • Web-Based Administration: Configure and manage ACD settings from any location.
  • Auto-Attendant: Flexible routing of incoming calls to direct callers to the appropriate group of agents, or other options.
  • Flexible ACD Engine: Fully integrated into AVAD’ Hosted VoIP PBX phone service, the automatic call distribution provides intelligent call routing and queuing, based on agent availability, the line state, and ACD group settings.
  • Entrance Greeting and Queue Announcements: Greet callers with a customized greeting, periodic comfort announcements, and music on hold.
  • Configurable Call Handling Options: Multiple options for bounced, stranded, or overflow calls, including escape option for callers.
  • Alternate Routing Options: Multiple options for handling calls after business hours, on holidays, or in temporary overload conditions.
  • Multiple Agent Options: Agents can be on legacy phones, IP phones, mobile phones, and soft phones.
  • Basic and Advanced Reporting Options: The Call Center solution provides both basic and advanced statistics, using the Web Portal and daily e-mailed reports; or advanced reporting, with in-depth real-time and historical reporting options.
  • Desktop Clients: Optional desktop clients for agents and supervisors allow for more efficient call handling, particularly in high volume call center environments.
  • Agent Mobility: AVAD’s Virtual Call Center and Remote Office allows agents to receive calls from anywhere, at anytime. Since the calls remain on AVAD’s system, call states are tracked and reporting measurements are captured.
  • Call Recording: AVAD’s Call Center application supports both premises and hosted call recording, using multiple technology partners.
  • CRM Migration: AVAD’s Call Center application provides the web interfaces to enable industry-leading CRM applications or custom applications.

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Business VoIP Phone Service With AVAD Technologies

If you would like to learn more about how AVAD Technologies can help your company convert to a Hosted VoIP phone service, please call (800) 733-4136 to speak with a Business VoIP Specialist or you can complete a short VoIP Quote Request Form.

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Benefits of Working with AVAD Technologies

  1. Get a complete solution

    We provide a complete Business VoIP telecommunications solution. This includes all phone equipment, local, long distance and toll-free numbers, installation, ongoing support, training and just about anything else you need to use our VoIP phone system.

  2. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If for any reason, during the first 30-days following installation you are unhappy with AVAD’s service, we will uninstall and refund your money, no questions asked.

  3. Highest level of customer support. We want you to succeed.

    With any new technology, you need first-rate customer support. This is even more critical with your company’s phone system.

    AVAD does not charge for installation or ongoing support. Our philosophy is we can’t make our customers stay we can only make them want to stay.

  4. No Charge for installation or ongoing support

    AVAD becomes your in-house telecommunications department. We will help you to implement the many standard features built into our system at no additional monthly charge.

  5. 24/7 Support

    Your phone system is critical to your organization and has got to work. We provide 24/7 emergency technical support.