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Hosted VoIP Installation

We Manage The Installation Process

We make sure the transition to our service is seamless and your phone service is not interrupted.

Think Of AVAD As Your “In-House” Telecom Department

We assign a Dedicated Support Team to every customer. This team is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the installation and to ensure that your system functions as expected when launched.


Before We Start, We Listen

In order to create a customized phone system, we have to know what you want. This involves conversations with the Business VoIP Specialist from your Dedicated Support Team. We need information about out how you would want your new system configured to insure the new system meets your requirements.

During these initial meetings, we also inform you of some of new features of your system that you may not be aware of and ways that you can incorporate these features into your system, if you choose.

A Hosted VoIP Provider Dedicated To Improving Efficiency

Moving to a new phone system is a perfect time to “re-engineer” your company’s call flows. This is especially true with our solution since you can “live test” your system without interrupting your existing phone system.

Many companies choose to simply re-create their existing phone system using our solution, and this is perfectly acceptable. Or, we can show you ways to use the features included in your new phone system to increase productivity, save money, improve customer service or enhance your sales process.

Your Dedicated Business VoIP Specialist is there to guide you through this process and offer suggestions about ways you can use our Hosted VoIP phone system to improve your calling experience.

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